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stand up paddle board san diego


Today there are many types of Stand Up Paddle Boards. The recent gain in popularity of SUP as a sport has resulted in the emergence of different models of stand up paddle boards.

There are many brands available on the market and below are examples of different types of boards. Of course there are new models and many professionals testing new technologies.

Here we want to share with you the different types of stand up paddle boards for beginners.

What are the Stand Up Paddle Models?

Sup Race
Sup for crossings
Sup Hybrid
Sup Wave

So let’s get down to business …


Stand Up Paddle Race Board

These stand up boards were developed with the longer, narrower body. This allows it to have more slip by the surface of the water.

There are two main categories of race, sup – 12’6 “(even more popular) and 14 ‘> The average width of a stand up paddle race is between 24” and 29 “. This may vary depending on the experience of the manufacturer and/or manufacturer. Some elite athletes have already come up with even smaller measures of half, something close to 22 “.

These boards are fast and agile because of their extremely lightweight construction (usually carbon fiber). This construction makes them the most expensive stand up paddle boards on the market and can mean the whole difference between a first or a second place.

Stand Up Race Boards are not just for experienced athletes, you can take part in smaller events and evolve into the longer ones with the passage of time.

Training for a race can be a great mental and physical challenge.

stand up paddle board san diego

Cruising board (for distance, calm waters)

Perhaps the most adopted SUP practice around the world, since it can be done anywhere where there are calm waters, as long as you already have some experience. Lakes, canals, dams and bays are good examples of places. Crossing calm waters is the best way to start the practice of Stand Up Paddle.

Average Length 11 ‘- 14’ Average Width 28 “- 32” These boards are designed to be easy to paddle in all weather conditions and with enough sliding capacity for long distances.

Being slightly wider and having more volume, it allows them to carry the weight of empty suitcases and additional equipment. These boards are usually made of a fiberglass composite, since durability is more important than weight, unlike Race boards.

stand up paddle board san diego

Hybrid Stand Up Boards / General Purpose Boards (versatile)

A great request for use in all aspects of the sport and for the whole family to enjoy. Average length 10 ‘- 12’6 “Average width 30” – 34 “, these boards were made for quieter paddling. On the other hand and depending on the size and width, you will be able to catch the first waves.

Try to practice yoga on the board, place your dog or picnic basket in the front of the surfboard and have fun with your family on the beach: kids can have so much fun jumping in the water from a Stand Up Paddle Pad, Whether sitting or standing!

These SUP models are usually made of a fiberglass composite.


stand up paddle boarding

stand up paddle board san diego

SUP Plank for River / Sup Inflatable / White Water (rapids)

This is probably the newest mode of SUP in SUP practice and perhaps the most radical. An activity that causes spikes of adrenaline when rowing rivers and rapids.

Sports experience and special safety equipment are required and required. Also, it is not for the faint of heart or those who have just learned to paddle. Many kayak practitioners are experimenting with this mode nowadays and there is already evidence that is generally directed towards elite athletes.

Medium length 10 “and medium width 30” – 35 “Tip: Inflatable stand up paddle boards are great for this practice since they are virtually indestructible.

stand up paddle board san diego

Stand Up Surf

It can be practiced and trained by anyone, regardless of whether or not they can surf. SUP Surf is not just for beginners and to catch small waves. You can catch waves of any size on a surfboard and experienced experts can impress. Contrary to popular belief, no wave is too large or too small to be caught on a SUP.

Want to start surfing in Stand Up Paddle? When you practice Sup Surf you are already standing so you do not have to worry about the difficulty of getting up. You can focus on just catch the wave!

The bigger the board, the more stable and soon easier it will be for beginners. Many experienced surfers have also been converted to SUP because of the possibility of catching more waves, especially when the swell is small.

Otherwise, you would be suffering to catch wave on a conventional surfboard. By standing on your board you also have a better view of the waves that are to come and soon you can catch the best ones.

ATTENTION: Having the privilege to be standing and easy positioning means nothing when you are in the water, that is, respect for the places and waiting for your wave will always be in the first place.

Continuing … having a paddle increases your paddle speed, the ability to maneuver fast and provides an ideal position to catch more waves.

Average length 7 ‘- 10’5 ”
Average Width 28 “- 32”

Stand Up Paddle Surf Surfboards are made in all sizes and formats to match the athlete’s ability and weight. The smaller the board, the more maneuverable it will be in the wave but also more unstable. It is important to choose the right size of your surfboard depending on your ability to surf and paddle.

These sup boards can be made of fiberglass, carbon and now new compositions. An Inflatable SUP can also be good for surfing and a great option for those just learning to paddle.

stand up paddle board san diego

Find the right model and we will see you in the water!


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