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stand up paddle board san diego


Fever on the beaches of Hawaii in the sixties, considered a forerunner of surfing, the stand-up paddle board, better known as SUP, which consists of paddling while standing on a board, has only become popular in the American continent ten years ago and recently the practice of yoga on a stand up paddle board has become popular in San Diego.

Seeing a SUP board out of the water, many may find that once they are predisposed to practice Yoga on it, no apparent difficulty can occur. Those interested and quite curious who wish to venture into the practice of Yoga on a SUP board should, first and foremost, have a basic notion of how to conduct and hold onto it in the calm waters of a Beach. A quiet lake or even a swimming pool. Book your SUP rental or lesson here.

mission bay stand up paddle

It is said that those who already practice Yoga on land may have a greater familiarity with this type of practice than someone who has never practiced before and who intends to experience for the first time the execution of asanas on a SUP board over water.

This, however, is relative because one who is accustomed to the practice of yoga asanas on land may rather have difficulty balancing on the board so only after a few times in the water become more aware of the unstable ground and thus ally with firmness the execution of the asanas on the board, as much as possible.

For laymen who have never practiced yoga asanas in their life, much less on an unstable surface, to start practicing on a SUP board without direction is not recommended. You can try but you may perhaps have an unexpected experience, that is, fall several times in the water, which may discourage you once and for all to continue trying Yoga on both the SUP board and on land.


mission bay stand up paddle

In fact, transformed into a floating Yoga mat, the SUP board gives the illusory impression of whoever walks on the water, feeling a master or mistress of himself, with security and firmness, unbeatable to any setbacks he may encounter Front and practice a Yoga sequence on it will be the maximum!

Usually one practices the greeting to the Sun, certain vinyasas, pushups and retroflexions, and even inverted on the plank. So this means that the Yoga teacher or teacher who conducts the practice on the SUP boardboard should definitely be an excellent conductor of the stand-up paddle and that the SUP instructors in turn who teach the Yoga classes on the board are also well trained in Yoga.


stand up paddle board san diego

Stand Up Paddle Yoga San Diego

Mission Bay Stand Up Paddle invites you to take your practice out on the water, where the bay is your studio and a paddle board is your yoga mat. Our classes are taught by certified San Diego SUP yoga instructors instructors on boards specifically designed for yoga practice! This will provide you with a great core workout as you experience balancing on a whole new level!

You will also be guided through yoga poses that will both strengthen and lengthen all if your major muscle groups while helping you to control your breath and move into deeper alignment with yourself and the natural energy of practicing out on the water.



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